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Cry Havoc! Trilogy

There’s something in each story that is either memorably poignant, hauntingly unnerving or sidesplittingly funny. With deft turns of phrase and an imagination that would make Philip K. Dick jealous, we foresee a dystopian future, the seeds of which are definitely being sown right now. The story is a chilling glimpse of what may come to pass, warmed by a thread of love that raises the narrative beyond despair. Disturbing and breath-taking in equal measure. A riveting read.

Cry Havoc! Trilogy

Novels & Short Stories

Songs of Bliss was Clive's first published novel. It's a story of paternal love and the extremes that we might all go to to protect the ones we love. A thriller noire received as a solid debut.

Insomniac and Mechanic collect together Clive's short stories published from 2010 to 2018 in a range of anthologies and collections during that period. They are a magical realist fantasy tinged with dark edges in the best tradition of folk and faery tales the world over.

Novels & Short Story collections