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A New Look & Feel

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hi there,

A collection of viking folklore and skald sagas

There's been a bit of flux around the books, my publishing channels and the web site of late. The truth is that I wasn't happy about a number of things related to my projects, and given a very involved day job, it's taken a while to get my head around making these changes.

Part of the reason for that unhappiness stemmed from a catch-22 dispute with Amazon around publishing work using creative commons & public domain sources. You want to use Amazon to reach out to the widest possible audience, but it's almost impossible to offer eBooks on a free basis using their platform. Sure, you can sign up for offers, but there is no long-term option to offer titles on a free-to-download basis. So, I created print and eBook versions and tried to combine open licensing statements and basic pricing to reflect a cost of production model, but of course, as soon as you set a price, you fall foul of Amazon's rules related to content in the public domain. You also fall foul of their draconian and frankly threatening approach to such matters. I found my account locked out in a matter of hours following their initial notice, leaving me unable to make the changes that they asked for to, you've guessed it, unlock my account.

So, I've spent the last few months closing down everything Amazon (as much as you can - they'll still feature unavailable titles in their listings, which is annoying). In parallel I've switched to aggregators like Smashwords and Draft2Digital to convert all of my current titles into creative commons licensed free eBooks, that are now available across multiple eBook channels. As I write this were hitting 6000+ downloads in the first three months since release for my reworked titles.

This process of stepping back and taking stock has given me the opportunity to rethink cover design, layouts, supporting web design and mobile access. I feel much more in control of the overall message now, and I'm really pleased that I can finally offer a whole host of titles for free to anyone who loves fairy tales, folklore and traditional myths and fantasy tales.

I also made the choice to put my own fiction up on a free-to-download basis, although I retain copyright here, of course. Overall the whole experience has been much more liberating and controlled - although maybe that's just me not feeling under the Amazon cosh.

Next up? I'm investigating services like IngramSpark to see if there's a legal and viable way to produce print versions of the public domain work that can cover the costs of production and distribution. Obviously, with my own fiction I'll be looking to see a nett contribution to the kit & equipment coffers as well.

So, onwards and upwards... I'll be adding some blogs about the books themselves next (we're up to twenty-one now, so that should take a while - but that's good - such things keep me out of trouble).

Feel free to use the contact options if you've got any questions or comments.

Cheers for now,


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