A bit more detail...

The Day Job & Other Stuff...

I guess the thing that keeps me off the streets and away from being really annoying to family and friends is the day job - I lead the global technology capability for a major UK FinTech PLC, encompassing pretty much all aspects of strategy, software engineering, infrastructure, operations, support and data sciences across all of our group operating companies, brands and supporting divisions.

I have substantial experience as a senior technology leader, having worked on major web, mobile & digital software & transformation programmes for over 25 years, where I've specialised in implementing & developing Agile thought and delivery models & environments at scale in both the commercial & public sectors. I have broad commercial experience having worked with broadcast & media organisations, with mobile telco’s, in public sector & government organisations, & most recently in the Fintech workspace.

In an earlier role, beginning a business as a 3-man start-up, I spent 5 years as a director and then Managing Director of a software-oriented consultancy that matured to become a substantial independent business before finally being sold to a larger competitor.

I currently act as a board advisor for The Bunch.com, an emerging fintech business focused on helping students and young professionals in shared housing to manage their bills.

I am also a Trustee, advising FilmBath, a major regional arts and education focused charity, well-regarded for running the acclaimed FilmBath Film Festival every autumn. FilmBath is an F-Rated festival (as in diversity, not the other version of F-Rating🤔) 
, and the organisation and its exec leaders have played a significant part in designing, implementing and supporting the development of the F-Rated movement.

And outside of work? (and apart from the obvious commitment to telling stories...)

I love time spent with my own and, to be honest, anyone else's dog(s). Mel, pictured, sadly left us last year at the ripe old age of 13.


We're currently waiting to find another rescue lurcher while we get the basics sorted on a mid 1860's house that we bought last year. It's rather more of a "project" than we imagined, so that takes up a lot of time right now as well.

I also like to turn my hand to a bit of antique furniture restoration when I get chance. At one point I ran a weekend market stall, but these days I just don't have the time. I still try to get to the odd auction and, from time to time, my partner's heart sinks as I unload another piece of "tat" and store it in the garden shed...

The antique thing is a bit of a theme. I have a compulsive collector's habit that my better half has to work hard to curb. Left to my own devices I'm sure that I'd fill the house. I do manage to sneak the odd box of stamps or similar in every so often.

Other than that - love a decent restaurant, love to get to the cinema, have been known to binge watch GoT end-to-end every so often, & my general philosophy is that life is short and fragile and way too interesting to ever let myself be bored.

To find out more about the day job etc., visit www.clivegilson.com